22. Croatia.

What caught my atention when I first saw a video of BTS were their amazing dance skills and choreography. As a dancer myself, I was very fascinated. But that’s not what made me stay and be as loyal as I am today after three years. I love BTS because their lyrics make me smile like an idiot when I’m walking alone trough town, make me cry hearing about the hardships as if I’m hearing about someone close to me. Their lyrics make me calm down or make me jump to the rooftop shouting encouraging words. Their lyrics are relateble so much that it sometimes hurts to hear my feelings captured in words. While they seem perfect on stage they have never stopped showing us how imperfect and human they are. They are cool and handsome and successful but they are vulnerable. Their stories and hardwork is what inspires me and motivates me in my everyday struggles to be a better version of myself in every aspect. To dream stronger, to work harder, to be kinder, to be a better friend to those around me… What makes me love BTS with as much passion as I have is that they are always giving back. They receive so much love, and with every award received they can’t stay still. They promise to pay back with even better art, and that’s what they truly deliver. When I first watched an award show and they gave a speech I was shocked because when they shouted “ARMY”, and they thanked their fans from their hearts I felt that. I felt like those words were actually meant for me and to those like me. I felt their words reach me all the way to my room in Croatia in such a way where I almost said “you’re welcome”. I love BTS because I know they love and appreciate us fans. They show it all the time not just trough words but trough actions as well. They even write songs to us specifically. Loving BTS is an emotional roller-coaster which I can never get tired of.


18. Pakistan.

I love their choreography, their music, their way of living friendly with each other, their charm and most importantly i love and support them because I’m inspired by their way of facing hardships and tackling their tasks either easy or difficult and by how much they love and support ARMY’s in turn 😊😊 Love You BTS ❤️❤️❤️ I purple you all 💜💜💜



I love how BTS music is very relatable. I love how BTS music changes peoples lives. BTS sets a good examples for youths. They teach us valuable life lessons. They are really sweet and kind. I love it how they are really close together, not just a team but really close as brothers like family. They make me really happy. They are the ones I listen to when I’m feeling down.

Jenn McKay.

45. United States.

At a point in time when the world seems dominated by negative energy and harsh concepts of what is masculine, we have this group of young men who live and work by a different set of rules. They are truthful about their struggles, and are openly supportive and expressive with one another in a way that feels refreshing. That vulnerability continues to evolve as they mature, and has resulted in music and fan interaction that speaks to struggles we all have as we navigate love and life. BTS sets the example for self love and acceptance, for hard work, and big dreams. They are deliberate about their message being *to* and *for* EVERYONE. Rather than exclude people, they celebrate their diverse audience because we are all unique and valuable just as we are. They consistently communicate this to their fans ALL THE TIME… in interviews, live broadcasts, social media posts, in song lyrics, and in the incredible fan experiences they create during their performances. For BTS, it’s not just about generating the next hit, it’s about self expression, inclusion, artistry, and breaking new ground. There is no one else like them.


21. Australia.

Where do I even start when it comes to BTS? The amazing dances were what drew me in at first but the music was what made me stick around. Something about the group, the members and the team behind them, constantly remind me of how important hard work is. The members all work hard at the things they’re talented at, and work even harder at things they struggle with or things that they are still learning. Hard work, resilience, teamwork… these are qualities I see in each member in abundance and are qualities I think everyone needs. It inspires me and motivates me to find my own path in life, to work hard even when things are tough, and of course, to love myself in the process of all of it. I’ve been a fan since 2014 and to see them grow into the global force that they are now has been a journey. It’s an underdog story that would make for a great movie plot honestly. As for the ARMY community, I’ve never been in a fandom that welcomed me like this before. Granted, I joined when the fandom was much smaller, but I had never reached out this much in a fandom before, both in kpop and outside of kpop. I understand that the huge fandom can be intimidating and there are messy people in any large enough group, but I think my experience is largely positive because I figured out early on that I wanted to engage with the ARMYs that shared my desire to have a wholesome fan experience.


22. UK.

BTS found me just after my Dad died suddenly at the age of 56. It was a really dark time when I had to step up and become an adult super fast. I first listened to IDOL and the LY: Answer album. It transported me into a world without pain and people who understood me.I cried when I managed to get tickets to BTS’ LY:SY Concert in London. That day was one of the first times in my life I felt accepted and like i belonged. I wanted to stay there forever. I was always being labelled a freak for disliking ‘normal’ music and there were finally thousands of other people who felt the same. Jin’s solo Epiphany was the first song that touched my heart. I was standing watching the concert and tears just streamed down my face. A beautiful, seemingly confident human being felt so inadequate – he understood me. ARMY are so protective of BTS because they saved our lives where we would have just given up. They were our friends when we had none. We consider them family. They brought us all together. We are all one big family. No matter our differences – They transcend language. ARMY are so dominant because we promote self-love and accept you no matter who you are.


23. Germany.

I like BTS because they are real, they share their dark sides too and make you feel understood. When they say that it’s okay not to dream big or to stop for a moment instead of blindly charging forward, then you feel like it’s the truth. When they talk about mental problems, insecurities and fears, then you take something of it with you. Even if they don’t save you, they give you the energy to save yourself, to pull through even on bad days, because you can see that there’ll be better times ahead. They make you think outside of your normal ways and make you see things different, so people try to love themselves, try to improve themselves, try to be better to other people and their environment and try to realize their own small dreams. All because of the inspiration BTS give to us just with being human in front of us instead of hiding that part.

Stephanie Woods

33. United States.

I love BTS because they truly make me happy. Whenever I’m feeling down or depressed, I listen to their music, because, even though the music is mostly in Korean, their words give me hope for a brighter future.


15. Australia.

bts taught me to love myself. the pure love between bts and army is unlike anything i’ve ever experienced, and unearthly in its real ness. bangtan are humble, wise, kind and supportive. they’re role models to many around the globe, and reason for some to push on. they have helped me through some of the hardest years of my life, lifted my chin when i could not see, showed me the world, gave me hope, and showed me i am loved. i am beautiful. when others brought me down, bts was always there to help. namjoon granted me a humble attitude and kindness. seokjin granted me the knowledge that i am beautiful and self confidence. yoongi granted me patience and also stubbornness, to push on through dark times, but also stand up for what i believe in. hoseok granted me joy and happiness, to always look for the good in situations. jimin granted me the uncensored ability to embrace who i am, and show the world fearlessly. to never fear what is to come, and embrace change. taehyung granted me vision. he showed me beauty in the darkest of flowers, of times, he showed me that never is everything purely evil. he showed me that behind the mask, there is still a heart. that there, somewhere in that burning hole of a human, is a heart, living and breathing, kind and giving. still alive. jungkook granted me a blessing. that life is beautiful, to never give up on it, and always push on. that eventually, everything will be okay. to capture and enjoy the small moments in life, and to live. to be happy. bts showed me more of myself that i didn’t know existed. they showed me life. they are the reason i am alive. they are the most just absolutely lovely and incredible humans i know, and i wish for more to be inspired by bts, their messages, and their journey. never give up on your dreams. bts came so far. you can too. live. go live. breathe and laugh. enjoy every moment. don’t be afraid. you will be okay. go be free and independent. thank you bts. i love you. 💗

~ an aussie army 🇦🇺