22. Croatia.

What caught my atention when I first saw a video of BTS were their amazing dance skills and choreography. As a dancer myself, I was very fascinated. But that’s not what made me stay and be as loyal as I am today after three years. I love BTS because their lyrics make me smile like an idiot when I’m walking alone trough town, make me cry hearing about the hardships as if I’m hearing about someone close to me. Their lyrics make me calm down or make me jump to the rooftop shouting encouraging words. Their lyrics are relateble so much that it sometimes hurts to hear my feelings captured in words. While they seem perfect on stage they have never stopped showing us how imperfect and human they are. They are cool and handsome and successful but they are vulnerable. Their stories and hardwork is what inspires me and motivates me in my everyday struggles to be a better version of myself in every aspect. To dream stronger, to work harder, to be kinder, to be a better friend to those around me… What makes me love BTS with as much passion as I have is that they are always giving back. They receive so much love, and with every award received they can’t stay still. They promise to pay back with even better art, and that’s what they truly deliver. When I first watched an award show and they gave a speech I was shocked because when they shouted “ARMY”, and they thanked their fans from their hearts I felt that. I felt like those words were actually meant for me and to those like me. I felt their words reach me all the way to my room in Croatia in such a way where I almost said “you’re welcome”. I love BTS because I know they love and appreciate us fans. They show it all the time not just trough words but trough actions as well. They even write songs to us specifically. Loving BTS is an emotional roller-coaster which I can never get tired of.

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