Jenn McKay.

45. United States.

At a point in time when the world seems dominated by negative energy and harsh concepts of what is masculine, we have this group of young men who live and work by a different set of rules. They are truthful about their struggles, and are openly supportive and expressive with one another in a way that feels refreshing. That vulnerability continues to evolve as they mature, and has resulted in music and fan interaction that speaks to struggles we all have as we navigate love and life. BTS sets the example for self love and acceptance, for hard work, and big dreams. They are deliberate about their message being *to* and *for* EVERYONE. Rather than exclude people, they celebrate their diverse audience because we are all unique and valuable just as we are. They consistently communicate this to their fans ALL THE TIME… in interviews, live broadcasts, social media posts, in song lyrics, and in the incredible fan experiences they create during their performances. For BTS, it’s not just about generating the next hit, it’s about self expression, inclusion, artistry, and breaking new ground. There is no one else like them.

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