22. UK.

BTS found me just after my Dad died suddenly at the age of 56. It was a really dark time when I had to step up and become an adult super fast. I first listened to IDOL and the LY: Answer album. It transported me into a world without pain and people who understood me.I cried when I managed to get tickets to BTS’ LY:SY Concert in London. That day was one of the first times in my life I felt accepted and like i belonged. I wanted to stay there forever. I was always being labelled a freak for disliking ‘normal’ music and there were finally thousands of other people who felt the same. Jin’s solo Epiphany was the first song that touched my heart. I was standing watching the concert and tears just streamed down my face. A beautiful, seemingly confident human being felt so inadequate – he understood me. ARMY are so protective of BTS because they saved our lives where we would have just given up. They were our friends when we had none. We consider them family. They brought us all together. We are all one big family. No matter our differences – They transcend language. ARMY are so dominant because we promote self-love and accept you no matter who you are.

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