15. Australia.

bts taught me to love myself. the pure love between bts and army is unlike anything i’ve ever experienced, and unearthly in its real ness. bangtan are humble, wise, kind and supportive. they’re role models to many around the globe, and reason for some to push on. they have helped me through some of the hardest years of my life, lifted my chin when i could not see, showed me the world, gave me hope, and showed me i am loved. i am beautiful. when others brought me down, bts was always there to help. namjoon granted me a humble attitude and kindness. seokjin granted me the knowledge that i am beautiful and self confidence. yoongi granted me patience and also stubbornness, to push on through dark times, but also stand up for what i believe in. hoseok granted me joy and happiness, to always look for the good in situations. jimin granted me the uncensored ability to embrace who i am, and show the world fearlessly. to never fear what is to come, and embrace change. taehyung granted me vision. he showed me beauty in the darkest of flowers, of times, he showed me that never is everything purely evil. he showed me that behind the mask, there is still a heart. that there, somewhere in that burning hole of a human, is a heart, living and breathing, kind and giving. still alive. jungkook granted me a blessing. that life is beautiful, to never give up on it, and always push on. that eventually, everything will be okay. to capture and enjoy the small moments in life, and to live. to be happy. bts showed me more of myself that i didn’t know existed. they showed me life. they are the reason i am alive. they are the most just absolutely lovely and incredible humans i know, and i wish for more to be inspired by bts, their messages, and their journey. never give up on your dreams. bts came so far. you can too. live. go live. breathe and laugh. enjoy every moment. don’t be afraid. you will be okay. go be free and independent. thank you bts. i love you. 💗

~ an aussie army 🇦🇺

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