Welcome to the ARMY GALAXY

“ARMY GALAXY” is a project created by the BTS forum BangtanBase.com. We aspire to showcase the true reasons this diverse fandom loves BTS and we support the group so passionately. Far too often our fandom is dismissed as mindless female preteens (as if there’s something wrong with a fandom composed mainly of women and/or young girls!) drooling over the collective attractiveness of the group when the reality is that fans have fallen so in love with the boys for a wide variety of reasons that have nothing to do with the visuals of the members. ARMYs are an extremely diverse fandom tied together by our admiration for a group of seven inspiring men. Industry insiders try desperately to replicate the formula of BTS but fail to realize the strength of BTS is due in large part to the beautiful relationship between BTS and ARMYs built on pure, unadulterated L O V E.

Browse through the messages written by ARMYs from all over the world to get a glimpse of all the various reasons fans support BTS.